UFO bridge in bratislava.


Built between 1967 and 1972 across the Danube River in Bratislava, the Bridge of the Slovak National Uprising is the seventh largest cable-stayed bridge in the world. Architect J.Lacko and engineer A.Tesár designed it as a single-pylon cable-stayed steel bridge. The single pylon is in fact an A-shaped steel column leaning towards Petr┼żalka.
The bridge is 431.8m long, 21m wide and has two decks. The lower deck has two 3.5m wide footbridges; the upper deck is designed for car traffic. The road itself is made from mastic asphalt and the two lanes are 2 x 8.5m wide. The entire steel structure including pylon weighs 8,000 tons in total. The bridge was officially put into service on September 26, 1972. In 2001, the bridge was declared the structure of the century.
85m above ground level, perched on top of the pylon, is a restaurant and a cafe accessible from street level by an elevator for 10 people in one beam of the pylon, or by an emergency stairwell of 430 stairs in the other beam. In 2003, the restaurant was closed for reconstruction and, two years later, Zemegula s.r.o. re-opened its doors to the public with an all-new concept – UFO WATCH.TASTE.GROOVE. This innovative project was designed by Milos Malicevic, Vlado Krajcovic and Daniel Cecetka.
A bonus for the city and its tourism is the newly-opened observation deck on top of the cupola, which offers a panoramic view of Bratislava and the surrounding area for a radius of 100 km